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San Vicente de la Sonsierra

Art and Heritage

San Vicente de la Sonsierra has an important cultural, historical and monumental heritage, with magnificent examples of different architectural styles.

 The wine culture in an area like the Sonsierra, typically viticultural, is a tourist attraction of the first order. The landscapes created by the sea of ​​vines, the wineries, the great wines produced in this land, the cave wineries (more than one hundred specimens) or the guardaviñas and the cave paintings are another great attraction of the town.

The walled enclosure of San Vicente de la Sonsierra is one of the most important in the northern area of ​​Spain. More than a decade of restoration work has earned him several awards. Discover its hidden treasures and enjoy the spectacular sunsets and sunrises from one of its viewpoints. Interesting facts:

In the town there are eight churches and hermitages in good condition and remains of other scattered throughout the countryside. In the village of San Vicente de la Sonsierra

In the countryside

You can visit  eremitorios and remains of hermitages: Orzales, La Peña, La Llana, and the two hermitages remains of Gobate.

In the town there are fifteen medieval necropolises, among which we highlight  Saint Andrew´s Necropolis

About the Prehistory: Neolithic Dolmen of Cascaja and the Menhir of Peña Lacha

If you are interested in the wine world you must visit Lagaretas or wine pressed (in addition to those that are located in the necropolis, they deserve special attention the wine presses and the traditional stone wine pressed of Zabala and the Guardaviñas or chozos typical constructions of the Sonsierra

Other items to visit are the constructions of the XVIII Century ( located in the surroundings of the Main Squeare and in the streets that access the castle) the Medieval bridge over the Ebro river

Ermita de San Martín
Torre del Homenaje
castillo1 02
Aljibe en el recinto superior del castillo<
pila 02
Pila Bautismal siglo XIII 
Detalle del retablo
Dolmen Neolitico
Lagar en una necrópolis medieval
Necrópolis del Convento
Necróplis de San Andrés
Ayuntamiento en la Plaza Mayor
Conjuratorio al atardecer
Basílica de Santa María le la Piscina (al pié se aprecia la necrópolis)
castillo arcoiris
Paisaje con arcoiris
castillo4 01
Restos del antiguo poblado adosado a las murallas del recinto fortificado
torre reloj
Torre del Reloj
Retablo de la Iglesia Parroquial de Santa María la Mayor
Puente Medieval
Guardaviñas del Bosque
Tapas de las tumbas de las necrópolis
Prensa de Zabala
Vista nocturna

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