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San Vicente de la Sonsierra

San Vicente de la Sonsierra has a very important ethnographic heritage, cultural, historical and monumental, with superb examples of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, in addition to 13 medieval necropolis of anthropomorphic, thirteen hermitages and a dolmen and menhir prehistoric time.

The rise of the culture of wine, in this privileged area which is the Sonsierra, has put in value the impressive ethnographic heritage: more than 100 traditional stone wine presses (true archeology of wine culture that only can  be seen in the Sonsierra community), and many "guardaviñas" (one of the most peculiar examples of popular architecture in the land of vine.

The impressive landscapes of the vineyard can be seen from the town, located on a hill at the foot of the Ebro River.

There are various points from which you can enjoy the landscape of the vineyards, especially impressive in autumn when it becomes a sea of reddish, brown and gold tones, but deserves special mention the viewpoints of the landscape and in particular:  the viewpoints of the Main Tower, Sonsierra´s viewpoint and Ebro´s viewpoint. Another way to enjoy the landscape is to go for a walk across one of our marked trails (furhter information in this link, Spanish)

The Archaeological Site of Santa María de la Piscina, formed by the small Basilica of Santa María de la Piscina, one of the most beautiful examples of pure Romanesque in the Rioja (XII century), a necropolis of repopulation from the tenth to the fourteenth centuries) A town with semi-ruined houses and remains of fortifications or watchtowers (X to XIV centuries), is a monument with an interesting history behind that has pleasantly surprises visitors.

The walled enclosure of San Vicente de la Sonsierra is a point that cannot be missed on a route through the Rioja. The important reconstruction work that has been carried out since 2004 has earned the City Council in 2014 the Silver Medal of the Spanish Association of Friends of Castles and have brought to light a very important cultural and archaeological heritage.     

Another important tourist heritage is the flagenlants of San Vicente de la Sonsierra , better known as "Picaos", declared a Cultural Interest Property of Intangible Character and of National Tourist Interest. The "Picaos" are the last and only manifestation of the ritual of the Flagellation that remains in Europe, a treasure of the Middle Ages and one of the most important expressions of the popular religiosity of Spain.

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