A los pies de la sierra de Cantabria...

San Vicente de la Sonsierra

Wine presses and traditional stone wine presses of Zabala

The Sonsierra cave wineries, a wine producing area, are the press bases by stepping on the grapes in caves that have been carved in the limestone. In this region there are many located in agricultural terms of the area and in some medieval necropolises. Due to their limited capacity they only had to cover the family needs of the owners in a substain the economy.

These are generally wineries completely excavated in the rock, formed by a large circular enclosure in the rock,a place where the grapes are deposited, and a leaner deposit of greater depth "el torco", connected with the previous one by a canal in which the grape juice flows to the next cave. Although they are difficult to date, the latest discoveries have located one before the twelfth century and in other cases they seem later than the fourteenth century.

The set of Zabala caves can be considered an old winery producing white and rosé wines. In this environment we can see no less than ten cave presses, together with the press, better carved and preserved, of all those known so far ...


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