A los pies de la sierra de Cantabria...

San Vicente de la Sonsierra

Medieval Bridge

The bridge of San Vicente de la Sonsierra is located west of the town, under the castle. Because of its excellent position, it defended the passage of the Ebro from the border of Navarre with Castile. It is possible that its existence goes back to 1172, when the town received the jurisdiction of Sancho el Sabio de Navarra, however, the oldest conserved can be traced back to the XIII century with Romanesque structure.

 Built in ashlar masonry and masonry, it currently has nine arches, of different lights and shapes: the first three, which are the oldest, are pointed, the next three half-point, the seventh elliptic, the eighth carpanel and the ninth half-point .

  Due to its structural problems, heavy traffic was suspended years ago and in 1997 a new bridge for the communication of San Vicente and Briones, downstream of the old one, was inaugurated. This new bridge, 320 m. long and 13 m. wide, it is composed of two bays of 90, two of 45 and another two of 25.

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