A los pies de la sierra de Cantabria...

San Vicente de la Sonsierra

Wall mural of the Guardaviñas of Larrá

             This wall mural was also painted in 2017 by the local artist Jose Uríszar de Alcada Leiva. It depicts the guardaviñas (also known as Chozo and literally translated as “vineyard guard post”) of Larrá.

             These unique structures were used to shelter workers during the day or for many days. The majority of them were built during the past century, but their singular architecture consisting of a corbel dome, which resembles a large stone igloo, reveals their ancient origins (there are some documents suggesting they may date back at least to the 16th century).

             At present there are about 46 guardaviñas scattered throughout the countryside. Check this link for the GPS location of the thirteen corbel dome guardaviñas of the municipality.

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