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San Vicente de la Sonsierra

Wall mural of the Flagellants or “Disciplinantes”

             This wall mural was painted in 2017 by the local artist Jose Uríszar de Alcada Leiva, funded through a Leader fund by the Association for the Development of the Rioja Alta (ADRA). It depicts a flagellant or “disciplinante” praying during the procession of the Via Crucis (Way of the Cross).

             The processions of the Disciplinantes of San Vicente de la Sonsierra, better known as Los Picaos, date from time immemorial. This ancient penitential rite has been transmitted from generation to generation. This is why people from la Sonsierra are proud to preserve and claim respect for such an ancient tradition, in order to perpetuate the legacy of our ancestors.

             The Disciplinantes of San Vicente de la Sonsierra were declared Intangible Heritage of Cultural Interest in 2016 and of National Tourist Interest in 2005.

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