A los pies de la sierra de Cantabria...

San Vicente de la Sonsierra

The area is located next to the banks of the Ebro (between he medieval bridge and the modern bridge) and at the foot of the walled enclosure. From here you can enjoy stunning views and the relaxation and serenity that is transmitted from Ebro River. It has 20 parking spaces and is free. It is equipped with drinking water service and grey and black water discharge point.

The rulles are:

  • Maximum parking will be 48 hours
  • It is forbidden to remove from the motorhome any element such as  tables, barbecues, awnings, tents, etc. ... as well as the stabilizing legs, since this is considered as "camping" and the laws of San Vicente de la Sonsierra expressly prohibit camping.
  • The area must be kept in perfect cleaning condition
  • When using the filling and emptying terminal, do not spill liquids out of the sink and grate leaving everything clean
  • Washing cars in the area is prohibited

We recommend taking advantage of the passage through the town to:

You can go up to the town walking along a small pat

In the town (1 km from the area) you will find the following services:

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