A los pies de la sierra de Cantabria...

San Vicente de la Sonsierra

San Vicente de la Sonsierra is an area with recognized prestige for its winemaking excellence. The special microclimate of the town, bathed by the Ebro and protected by the Sierra de Cantabria, is unique for the cultivation of the vine, which has made the area known in some circles as "the golden mile of wine”.

At present the economy of San Vicente de la Sonsierra revolves around the world of wine. During the past century many local farmers sold the grapes to the large wineries in the area, because, although the raw material was very good, there was no infrastructure to preserve and market the wines. In the 60's, a large part of the small grape producers of the town joined to form a cooperative that has managed to overcome the difficulties since the beginning of its journey and that currently markets its wines both in the national and international markets.

During the decade of the 90s, several small growers made their dream come true by establishing small family wineries in the locality that have specialized in the elaboration of those known as author wines or wines of high expression.

During the last years the quality of the grapes of the area have made important winemaking groups put their eyes on them; the Eguren Group (which was born in the town), the Matarromera Group (which has refurbished an existing winery)  Vintae Group (and its commitment to wine tourism) and the Vega Sicilia group (which with the Sonserrano’s grapes has brought to the market a wine called Macán (the unofficial name of the Sonserrano’s).

We recommend you visit (prior appointment) any of the family wineries existing in the town. There you can know all the details about the production of the wines made by Sonserrano’s, which are increasingly appreciated both in the national and international market.

    Bodega Abel Mendoza Monge (Spanish)
   Bodegas Castillo de Mendoza S.L. (Spanish)
    Bodegas Contador
    Hacienda López de Haro
    Bodegas y Viñedos Carlos Moro
    Heredad de San Andrés (Spanish)
    Bodegas del Monge - Garbati "Viña Ane"
    Bodegas Hermanos Peciña
   Bodegas Jesús Ramírez Aguirre (Spanish)
    Bodegas Lagar de Zabala
    Bodegas Moraza
    Bodegas Olmaza (Spanish)
    Bodegas Ramirez de la Piscina
    Bodegas y Viñedos Ramírez de Inoriza (Spanish)
    Bodegas Señorío de San Vicente
    Bodegas Sierra Cantabria
    Bodegas Sonsierra
    Bodega Teodoro Ruiz Monge (Spanish)
    Bodegas Vicente Apilánez Ruiz (Spanish)
    Bodega Valdeloyo

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