A los pies de la sierra de Cantabria...

San Vicente de la Sonsierra

West Gate / River Ebro Wiewpoint

This door facilitates access from the town center to the church from the Northwest area and has been the subject of several intervention phases since it was opened on the original wall. In the last phase, corresponding to the Carlist Wars, the embrasures were opened in the wall and the original doors were shielded.

In 2009 the wooden lintel was intervened, replacing first the west face, then the east one, and finally the central beam will be replaced. No action was taken on the masonry walls or the masonry walls, considering that they should be the object of joint restoration with the rest of the fortification.

On the outside of the door we find the "Mirador del Ebro", a privileged spot for observing the landscape at any time of the year but especially in the autumn, after the harvest, when the vineyards acquire those ocher and reddish tones

  • Location: Exterior of the wall, Paseo de Montussan
  • Link to google maps 
  • GPS Coordinates: 42 ° 33'34.9 "N 2 ° 45'28.9" W // 42.559695, -2.758035
  • Free and free access
  • Historical Center: Access restricted to vehicles according to height and weight. Pedestrianization of the Plaza Mayor area on specific dates. It is recommended to park vehicles outside the historic área 

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